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VoiceMedia/Susan and Friends Casting

The Next Chapter!

VoiceMedia/Susan & Friends Casting has been one of the most highly respected voiceover talent training companies in the nation. Times have changed and VoiceMedia is changing too.


Fifteen  years ago, if you wanted to get into Voiceover, you took a  VO class. It’s a carnival  of classes out there today with everyone trying to come up with a “catchier title” for their classes.   While we firmly believe you shouldn’t make a demo before you are ready, we don’t think it should take three to five years taking classes before you do.   Is there another more efficient, less expensive way to learn to do VO? We think there is.


VoiceMedia  is  no longer  be offering group classes. Instead, we will focus on one on one coaching and demo production  in our new  Walnut Creek location  or on-line via Skype. Susan’s 30 years of teaching and directing experience will help you reach your voiceover goals.


Contact us now to discuss your needs or book an evaluation.  Our new number is (415) 309-9979.


VoiceMedia Casting Services, under the name "Susan and Friends," yields opportunities for students and local talent in both union and non-union work for commercials, corporate and educational narrations, video games, podcasting, audio books, IVR systems and more.


"Susan put together a demo that has booked me national, regional and local voiceovers. She's been a tremendous mentor."

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