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"Tonight on channel..." Yes friends, it's those voices you know and love that tell us of upcoming programs with their lead-ins and promos. Learn why it differs from commercial reads. How do they do it?



Radio Imaging defines the concept of the radio station and the kind of audience it is trying to reach out to. It makers it easier for radio listeners to identify with a radio station. A station decides on a genre such as sports ,classical, talk, etc. A theme is then created to set the station apart from other stations with the same genre. In addition to the theme, most stations include filler signature pieces sometimes called intros. Skilled Voice-Over talent give the appropriate tone and energy with sweepers and bumpers between songs, programs and commentaries that create smooth transisions during broadcasting.

INSTRUCTOR: Trish Bell/Adam Harrington



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CALL FOR INFO - (925) 283-6446


FEE: $95.00




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